We are the Qatar Chapter of the Arab Youth Climate Movement (AYCM), which is an Independent and Voluntary body.

We were established in the lead up to the COP21 last summer in 2015



The world is once again at a crossroads; as the scientific basis behind climate change is becoming more solid, the imperative for strong and collective action is becoming increasingly urgent. This urgency is one shared by all countries and regions of the world, as all will be impacted. As an Arab state, Qatar is by no means an exception; in fact, given the very high vulnerability of Arab countries to the projected impacts of climate change, Qatar cannot afford inaction on either the global, regional, or national scales.

Qatar INDC’s submitted ahead of COP21 Paris Agreement did acknowledge the fact that the country is extremely vulnerable to sea level rise as it is liable to inland flooding of 18.2% of its land area, at less than 5m rise in sea level, along with the associated adverse impacts on the population as 96% are living on the coastal areas. Furthermore, climate change would cause the extinction of species such as whales, dolphins and turtles in addition to causing coral bleaching and other several impacts on the migration of some marine species and sea birds. Furthermore it mentions that Qatar’s ecological and human systems are vulnerable to the adverse impact of climate change as well as the impact of response measures due to its unique circumstances.

Moreover Qatar’s emphasis on education to build an environmentally aware society is encouraging to work towards to achieve the implementation of article 6. Article 6 is text that focuses on teaching individuals how to adapt to, or prevent climate change, particularly youth, will then have the skill sets needed to live in a changing climate.

Central to Qatar’s agenda is the Qatar National Vision 2030 plan, which pledges to balance economic growth and environmental stewardship. Among the Vision 2030 goals are pledges to use more “environmentally sound technologies” and, of course, ensuring a safe water, Energy supply for its people and suitable environment for a generation to come.

We at AYCM Qatar supports Qatar Vision 2030 plan and help build a sustainable environment that could be achieved by public involvement. Therefore, awareness programs are being carried out to encourage the young generation’s capabilities and improve their analytical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship to contribute to climate change efforts and sustainable development. Thus creates a sense of shared responsibility towards the environment, along with the development of positive environmental attitudes and values.




AYCM Qatar National Co-Coordinator Neeshad Attended at CAN Arab World launch in Amman, Jordan


AYCM Qatar Participated in Climate change seminar co-organized by French Embassy & Qatar University at Qatar University.


Participants at AYCM Qatar launch event at Education City.


AYCM Qatar National Co-Coordinator Neeshad speaking at Climate change social Impacts in the MENA Region Conference in Amman, Jordan


AYCM Qatar Executive Members at first Open Day launch event in September 2015.


AYCM Qatar Executive Members Along With French Ambassador And MOE Qatar Delegates at Climate Change Exhibition Held On Road To COP21 In Qatar, AYCM Qatar Was Official Youth Partner At The Event.


AYCM Qatar National Co-cordinator Neeshad sharing youth expectation at the round table discussion “Climate change seminar on road to COP21” organised at Qatar University.


AYCM Qatar National Co-Coordinator Neeshad was invited as a speaker at THIMUN Qatar, the largest Model United Nation’s conference in the Middle East region, held at the Qatar National Convention Center, Doha, Qatar.


AYCM Qatar National Co-coordinator Neeshad V S at UNFCCC, COP21 in Paris, France.


AYCM Qatar Executive Board Members was officially invited to Ghars Campaign 2016 by Qur’anic Botanic Garden (QBG) by Qatar Foundation (QF) in Doha.


AYCM Qatar Program Evaluation and Events Manager Tareq Hassan Al Sharabie Speaking at UNEA in Nairobi, Kenya



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