Arab Youth Climate Movement Saudi Arabia (AYCM SA)


Our Commitment

AYCM Saudi Arabia is an emerging environmental movement under Arab Youth Climate Movement. We are young climate activist committed in promoting the concept of environmental sustainability as an important value of our Saudi Community. We strongly believe that building a Saudi youth climate movement is the key factor towards youth empowerment in solving the local current climate issues and to ensure environmental welfare eventually.


Our Vision

Through the implementation of sustainable environmental awareness campaigns, AYCM SA aspires to transform our community into environmentally conscious community, and to tackle sustainability challenges in Saudi Arabia.


Our Mission statement

AYCM SA Team promotes environmentally sustainable operating practices by raising awareness in:

  • Reducing waste
  • Conserving energy
  • Water Scarcity campaigns
  • Promoting sustainable leadership


Plant a Tree Day in Al Khobar



Plant a Tree Day in Jeddah

“In collaboration with Friends of Jeddah Parks”


“Go Green” Event

“In collaboration with Dar Al-Hekma University and The Body Shop”. DAH appointed the Green Team members


Road to Green

“at the Gulf Environment Forum 2012”


Jeddah Earth Day 2015

“In collaboration with AlNabta”

Saudi Arabia Green Revolution Week Campaign

“The Saudi Green Revolution Week addressed a different environmental topic each day. What made this movement so unique because it addressed individuals at home whether they be school students or busy businessmen, can make their lives Greener”

“This social initiative was a revolutionary movement of young people united to elevate the public’s awareness about the much neglected issues of the environment in Saudi. It was a campaign of awakenings, new beginnings and hope for a healthier and cleaner. The campaign maybe was for a week, but the Green Revolution is an ongoing movement towards an eco-friendly society; and ultimately a Greener planet”.