On the occasion of Action15 mobilization in September 2015 AYCM organized an awareness session in Arabsalim Village in Lebanon on September 22, in cooperation with Nidaa Alard association in Arab-Salim village. Over 70 participants joined the climate change session from different backgrounds Housewives, Workers, Engineers, school representatives and Arabsalim municipality representatives.


AYCM team organized another awareness session at Faytroun on 23 of Sept 2015, in cooperation with Women Association of Deir Al Ahmar, another interactive session took a place about Renewable Energy & Energy efficiency and how women can tackle climate change in a vulnerable country like Lebanon, and how can civil society and individuals ensure Building a bigger, stronger movement to hold leaders to account for the implementation of these agreements.


On NOV 13-15, there was AYCM/IndyACT Regional Workshop Pre-COP21
The workshop 
was held in Ramlieh Hostel which is Located in a pristine, small forest in the quaint village of Ramlieh in the Aley District, Lebanon. This training aimed to build capacity and raise awareness on Climate Change of people across the Arab world.
Training topics: high media profile campaigns, network development especially for the AYCM – Arab Youth Climate Movement [around 40% of youth participants belong to this network], climate policy and UNFCCC process, project development and outcomes would be a work-plan for the youth to work in 2016 to prepare for the COP in Morocco, and build up for the activities in Paris COP this Dec.
AYCM team in Lebanon stands up with other parties to fight for a just and livable planet for all.  AYCM was a partner in the committee that prepared for the people’s Climate March in Lebanon.

Hundreds of Lebanese marched on Sunday 29 NOV to ask for climate Justice. Scouts, political parties, NGOs and others gathered to show that the climate struggle affect the future of the coming generations. People marched for 24/24 affordable electricity, for clean water, for a solution to the solid waste crisis, and for a secure job creation strategy. People demanded a just transition to 100% renewable energy and ask for a fair agreement in Paris in COP21. AYCM team was happy to mobilize people on the goals it believes in.


AYCM national coordinator attended COP21 in Paris.


AYCM Lebanon started a campaign in the region to ‪#‎changeclimatechange‬‬‬ by turning off lights for an hour between 8:30-9:30 on 19 March 2016