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About Us

Arab youth climate movement (AYCM) – Palestine is a part of the Arab youth climate movement (AYCM) which is a regional youth movement operating in the Middle East and North Africa, which is an independent entity aims to create a generation of educated youth who can recognize and deal with threats from climate changes which threatening nature. And also able to assess and support the legally binding agreements to deal with the issue of climate change within the international negotiations, that through the implementation of many activities and events about environmental awareness and dissemination of environmental culture and awareness and supportive conditions for achieving the goals of the movement.
In September 2012, the period leading up to the Doha negotiations UNFCCC COP18, was the launch of the Arab Youth Climate movement led by more than 20 coordinator of the Arab countries through the contribution of the IndyAct (an international association of independents activists based in Lebanon), 350.Org for climate action, The Danish Climate Ambassadors Program and Climate Action Network as a first step towards the development of a network of youth activists in the field of climate change in the Arab region.
Palestinian youth activists who interested in the environmental and climate change field in both West Bank and Gaza Strip create AYCM-Palestine to follow up the issues of climate and implementation of events and outreach activities contribute effectively to the increasing awareness about risks of climate change in Palestine and also to support the existence of the Palestinian official in international forums and the United Nations conventions on climate negotiations.To create and activate community participation in environmental and climate change issues, AYCM-Palestine seeks to install and creation of partnerships with local and international civil activist and organizations in the field of youth, environment, and climate change.

To create and activate community participation in environmental and climate change issues, AYCM-Palestine seeks to install and creation of partnerships with local and international civil activist and organizations in the field of youth, environment, and climate change.

Our Concept

In light of climate change, the successive and massive increase in pollution levels with a consequent negative impact on the environment in the world especially the region of the Mediterranean basin, including Palestine, such as the impacts of the rise in temperatures, the decrease in rainfall, the multiplication of the number and intensity of extreme events and the possible rise in sea level overlap and amplify the already existing pressures of anthropogenic origin on the natural environment.
Therefore, there was a big motivator to create a Palestinian team Interested in the issues of climate change with strong relations with governmental, non-governmental organization and activists local and international to raise the awareness of the dangers of climate change caused by intensively human use of natural resources and industrial production growing beyond the real needs of human beings in order to preserve the nature and continuation of life.
Our Vision
Towards a clean Palestinian environment and Palestinian generation conscious of the effects of climate change threatened the continuation of human life and how to adapt and confrontation.

Our objectives

AYCM-Palestine strategy aims to achieve the following objectives:
1- Create a Palestinian youth generation knowledgeable and informed of the climate change themes.
2- Formation of youth leaders able to organize and carry out environmental activities and events within scientific and professional bases.
3- Build the capacity of local people to understand the effects of climate change on their communities and take the necessary measures.
4- Spreading environmental culture to deal with the natural sources and how to preserve the available resources.
5- Activate the Palestinian environmental issues in the local and international society with universities and interested NGOs in the field of environment and climate.
6- Support the Palestinian presence in international negotiations and to develop strategies and solutions to climate issues through a network of relationships with youth organizations, regional and international.

Our principles

1- Climate change is a global issue threatens the continuation of human life and that require effective action to combat these threats.
2- Activate youth to provide a more sustainable and viable world.
3- Provide all available support and required activities to achieve this world.
4- Expansion and inclusiveness in local and international partnerships.
5- Environmental and climate change awareness is a right for the various segments of society.

Our activities

AYCM-Palestine carried out and participated in varied projects, activities and events include awareness, scientific, recreational and creative events. As shown below:

2016 Activities

  1. “Promoting Environmental Awareness through Environmental Media” Project funded by Heinrich Böll Stiftung Palestine & Jordan, 20 June – 31 October 2016.
  2. “Toward a Sustainable Schools in Gaza” Initiatives, 9 to 14 April 2016. In partnership with Natuf Organization for Environment & Community Development and cooperation of Municipality of Gaza and the Directorate of Education – west of Gaza, 100 seedlings were planted, and 40 containers of used wheels were prepared in four schools
  3. Protect, cultivate and resettlement of the Sea Daffodil Campaign, 22 March 2016. This campaign hold in more than 2 kilometers length in Gaza beach street.
  4. Earth Hour world campaign, Gaza event 19 March 2016. The main event was in Gaza Seaport where we draw a mural for Earth Hour and creating a short video documented the participation of some local markets and companies with Turn Off light event.

2015 Activities

  1. Environmental Leaders towards a Sustainable Community Project, funded by EU / UNDP / SGP / GEF for an amount of 17,400 USD and implemented in partnership with Natuf Organization for Environment & Community Development. Gaza 15 February to 30 November 2015.
  2. 2015 NATIONAL BIONEERS CONFERENCE, organized by “Bioneers” in San Rafael, California, USA, October 16-18, 2015
  3. Participate in the Vulnerability and Adaptation Workshop, Palestine’s Initial National Communication Report (INCR). Preparation of the Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation (V&A) Chapter of Palestine’s National Communication Report to the UNFCCC, Gaza 18 October 2015.
  4. AYCM Second Palestinian National Workshop, Ramallah from 1 to 6 August 2015 in partnership with Natuf Organization for Environment & Community Development with great support from Heinrich Böll Foundation Arab Middle East / Palestine & Jordan Office.
  5. The role of rural women in addressing the climate change issue in the Palestinian territories workshops, funded by Global GreenGrants Fund GGF:
    Gaza Strip Workshop, Jabaliya 5 May 2015.
    • West Bank Workshop, Ramallah 5 August 2015.
  6. World Environment Day 2015, Gaza City 5 June 2015.
  7. Earth Hour world campaign, Gaza event 29 March 2015.

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2014 Activities

  1. Arab Youth Climate Movement “AYCM” The First Palestinian National Workshop Holding in Ramallah from 10th May 2014 to 14th May 2014 facilitated by Heinrich Böll Foundation – Palestine/Jordan Office.
  2. Earth Hour world campaign, which included:
    • Primary event: turning off lights and unnecessary electrical appliances for one hour in 29/03/2014 in Yarmouk Stadium in Gaza City and Municipality of Gaza main historical building.
    • Environmental Awareness Day for children in collaboration with the Municipality of Gaza in 26/03/2014.
    A Scientific workshop entitled ”Climate Change: Reality and Challenges” with sponsor from Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and in collaboration with the Islamic University of Gaza on 19/03/2014.


2013 Activities

  1. Participation with the Educational Association of Palestine to protect the environment in the project “Youth Engagement in Civic Society to Increase the Environmental Awareness (Environment Guardians)” funded by USAID and Catholic Relief Services CRS from 01/08/2013 to 01/11/2013 which included :
    • Development of participant’s environmental awareness and skills.
    • Activate the use of social media to spread environmental awareness.
    • Courses and lectures in management skills, communication and leaders preparation.
    • Formation of teams from participants to carry out environmental campaigns and events:
      • Environmental awareness lectures at three universities in Gaza included more than 1,500 students.
      • Environmental awareness lectures in eight schools in Gaza City.
      • Planting Campaign, planting more than 300 saplings.
  2. Participate in the Arab Environment Day on 14/10/2013.
  3. Specialized workshops with topics of climate change, renewable energy and waste management.
  4. Participation within Earth Hour world campaign for the first time in Palestine on 23/03/2013.



2012 Activities

  1. The regional day 10/11/2012, to support the Arab presence in the United Nations negotiations on Climate Change, held for the first time in an Arab country in Qatar with banner (Qatar … It’s time to lead).