Who are we?

We are part of the Arab youth climate movement, which works to create a wide climate movement in the Arab world, create capable and conscious generation to take the climate responsibility, and learn the process of negotiations to solve the climate crisis.

In addition to that, AYCM – Syria evaluate and support the establishment of legally binding agreements to deal with climate change, which are issued within the international negotiations.

The founding of the Arab youth movement in Syria

Coinciding with the Conference of the Parties in Doha, COP 18 ,in 2012, AYCM was established by a group of Arab youth activist in Climate change issues from a different Arabic countries, including Syria.

The Arab youth climate movement in Syria under construction and incorporation. Syrian team is currently working on a formal license in Syria, to direct their activities.


Our Objectives at regional and International levels:

The goals of the movement in Syria are a part of the objectives of the Arab Movement and will be achieved, and they are:
• The youth Participate in the Middle East and North Africa in the activities in conferences and meetings of the international climate policy.
• Finding solutions to climate change in the region and in the world in a sustainable manner crisis of climate is an issue of human justice and the ability of the planet to preserve the species or diverse cultures.
• Contribute to the implementation of international conventions on sustainable development.
• Aspiration to permanent growth and participation of all young MENA) Middle East & North Africa), and in particular those who are not members with us so far.
Ore objectives at the national level:
• Finding a population solutions to solve the problems of climate to ensure access to a secure environment for our future.
• Promote the spirit of environmental citizenship and take the initiative.
• Support and participation of all groups: children, youth and women in the field of environmental protection and the promotion of diversity and inclusiveness at all levels of the movement.
• Organize Awareness campaigns, seminars and discussions and build the capacity of the population to understand the effects of climate change on their communities and take action.
• Cooperation with the public, private sectors, non-governmental organizations, and national/international associations.
• Launch initiatives and environmental projects designed to protect the environment and reduce climate change.



Part of the Syrian Team


Our Participants in the Pre cop 19 Workshop in Beirut



Our contribution to the International Day of Action with One Billion Rising, WECAN to demand climate justice and sustainable solutions to the climate crisis.



Our Team in the Earth day.