Megatrends are shaping more and more our existence and creating inequalities and destabilizing our planet. We, as Moroccan Young activists, we do believe in our ability to make positive change and contribute to adjust the climate, through education and mobilization.

Arab Youth Climate Movement in Morocco is an independent platform dedicated to Young Moroccans who work to find solutions to Climate crisis in particular. Our concern brings as to give such a privilege to biodiversity, to promote the spirit of eco-citizenship, to involve children, youth, and women in climate campaigns, to contribute to the implementation of international conventions and agreements on sustainable development, and to mobilize and build youth capacity in the field of climate matter.

Founded in 2012, Moroccan Youth Climate Movement could rapidly get known worldwide and get support from many local and international organizations and networks. Moroccan activists wouldn’t miss any opportunity to make their voices heard, their perseverance made them involved in the First Africa Food Security Conference in Nairobi, forum international social of Tunis, Tunza Conference in Nairobi, Global Powership in Istanbul, Carbon Expo 2013 in Barcelona, International Women’s Earth and Climate Change Initiative in New York…. And COP 21 during which MYCM was assigned to coordinate COY12 in Morocco. Once created, MYCM participated and got the first price by introducing its first project to the World Bank climate department of the Mena Region.

The National Caravan of Awareness on Climate Change Effects was of a great success, this caravan was an event through which MYCM could reach huge targets in different cities in Morocco and make youth aware about Climate Change, its causes, and the role of civil society in conceiving recommendations to the concern.